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localvore is...

-  someone who recognizes that there are multiple
    benefits of food grown close to home.

-  a person commited to eating and learning about food grown locally

-  a person who eats only locally grown and produced foods

How 'local' is local?

Each of us may have a different definition of 'local'. For some, it may be what they and their neighbors grow themselves. For others, it may be food grown within a certain radius of home or grown within their county or state.

To take an individual challenge, decide what kind of a challenge you are ready to take or - choose a radius of 50,100, or 200 miles. Choose to eat 3 local meals each day or 5 each week, or invite friends over for an all-local potluck and put them to the challenge.

Be creative and realistic, set your parameters and then eat only foods grown, produced, or raised within that radius.


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